Three Attributes That You'll Want When Buying A Pistol

One of the best things about buying a pistol is that with so many models on the market, you don't ever have to settle. Instead, you can meticulously browse the stock at gun stores and online retailers until you can find exactly the pistol that suits your needs in every way. While you'll likely have a budget in mind, as well as maybe even a brand to which you feel loyal, you should also assess the varied attributes that different handguns possess. Here are three attributes that you might not always think about, but that can be valuable when they're present.

Serrated Slide

Many pistols are equipped with a serrated slide or a slide that is easier to grip in some other manner, but this isn't always the case. You don't want the slide of your firearm to be slick. One or more serrated areas will allow you to grip it securely when you slide it back, whether to check if you have a round in the chamber or for any other reason. Commonly, you'll find serrated areas toward the barrel and toward the back of the slide. It can be useful to handle a pistol with this feature and one without it to help you appreciate the serrated areas.

Low-Profile Sights, Safety, And Magazine Release

A sleek pistol doesn't just look appealing — it also offers a high degree of functionality that other handguns do not. Look for low-profile features. For example, you want the sights to be high enough to be usable, but low enough that they don't get caught in your holster or even in your clothing if you're wearing your holster below your shirt, for example. Similarly, non-bulky safety and magazine release functions will also allow you to draw the pistol smoothly and in a controlled manner, which is integral if you're carrying it concealed.

Non-Slip Handle

You won't always be using your pistol in optimal conditions. Sometimes, it could be wet or, other times, your hands may be cold and lack grip. It's ideal if the handle of the pistol you buy is treated with a non-slip substance. In many cases, you'll find that this part of your firearm has a rubber-like finish. When you hold this type of pistol and then try one without a rubber handle, you'll quickly notice the difference. Even in adverse conditions, a firearm with a non-slip handle will remain in your hand and be easy to control.

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