Why You Need to Carry a Speedloader if You Carry a Revolver

Although some gun owners prefer to use a semi-automatic pistol as their everyday carry weapon, there's still a large contingent that finds value in a revolver instead. Revolvers have a lot of benefits when it comes to carrying when you're out in public—chief among them their reliability. One of the knocks on a revolver as a self-defense weapon is its limited ammunition capacity, which means that you should always be carrying spare ammo in the event that you need to use your firearm.

Here are just some of the reasons that you should have your spare ammunition loaded into a speedloader.

Lightning-Fast Reloading

Reloading a semi-automatic pistol is quick, especially if you practice doing so. As you hit the ejector button to let the empty magazine fall out, you can already be in the motion of raising a fresh magazine to slam into the gun. It's important to note that reloading a revolver can also be quick, especially when you have a speedloader. Instead of opening the cylinder and beginning to individually load bullets, you simply have to stick the loaded speedloader in the end of the cylinder in one motion and slam it shut. With training, you can easily reload in a revolver in a brief instant, provided that you're using a speedloader.

Less Risk of Losing Ammo

While you could theoretically carry your loose ammunition in a pocket and grab the bullets when you need to reload your revolver, this approach is a poor one. If there are other things in the same pocket, you'll have to fumble to find the bullets. Perhaps more alarming is the fact that bullets can easily fall out of a pants pocket when you're seated—which is a major issue when you're out in public. The bulkiness of a speedloader means that it's unlikely to fall out of your pocket.

Suitable with Belts & Holsters

Keeping a loaded speedloader in your pants or jacket pocket is just one idea. Many people who carry revolvers prefer to have one or more speedloaders in one or more pouches, rather than carry them in their pockets. If you live in an open carry state, you can mount these pouches directly to your belt. If you're carrying your revolver concealed, you can mount the pouches near the holster. In the case of a shoulder holster, for example, you can easily fit multiple speedloader pouches on the holster straps.

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