Three Must Follow Tips To Safely Store Your Firearms In Your Home

As a gun owner, you want to take the appropriate steps to see that your gun collection is safe from potential criminals and unauthorized individuals who may try to access your guns. Most individuals prefer to store their guns in their homes so that they have access to their firearms in the event of a home invasion or other emergency. Check out a few tips you can follow to safely store your firearms in your home.

1. Make Sure Your Gun Safe is Anchored

Unfortunately, a gun safe will not deter a determined criminal. The criminal will just take the whole safe and worry about obtaining access after the robbery.

One of the top tasks you can do to deter criminals from stealing your entire gun safe is to anchor the gun safe within your home. There is a misconception that you can only anchor large safes, but even small safes have the option of anchoring. Anchoring even makes it more difficult for a criminal to break into your safe while still inside of your home. It also prevents potential thieves from attempting to use your heavy safe as a weapon or to block your passageway.

2. Opt for a Gun Safe Instead of a Gun Cabinet

Gun owners who are concerned about the cost of gun storage may consider purchasing a gun cabinet instead of a gun safe, as gun cabinets have lower prices for the same amount of storage space. A gun cabinet is an aesthetically pleasing way to display your guns, but it is one of your less secure options. Though the locking door and tough glass do make it difficult for children or casual entrants to your home to access your guns, a professional criminal will be able to break into the cabinet with ease. Gun safes are crafted from resilient materials that make it extremely onerous for a thief to gain entry.

3. Invest in a Safe with a Fingerprint Sensor

When browsing potential gun safes, invest in a model that comes with a fingerprint sensor. Safes that come with biometric sensors only grant entry to those with an approved fingerprint. The number of fingerprints that you can program the safe to accept depends on the model, but most have the option to program fingerprints for multiple users. 

A fingerprint safe also quickly grants entry to your safe in the even that you need to access your guns during an emergency. Just place your fingerprint over the sensor, and the safe will let you access your guns within seconds. To learn more, contact a company like Wilcox Bait & Tackle

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