Introduce Your Students To Tree, Plant, And Wildlife Varieties That Are Native To The Area

If you are a science teacher at a middle school and would like to introduce your pupils to some of the tree, plant, and wildlife varieties that are native to the area, planning a field trip to a local nature park will help you with your goal. Use the activities that follow to assist with identifying items in the natural, unspoiled beauty of the parkland.

Contact The Park Director To Receive An Overview

If you are unfamiliar with the services that are offered at the park that you have selected, contact the park director and describe what your main objective of the field trip is. If there is an observatory or group center at the park and some park guides who are available to assist, the director may suggest that you begin the field trip by receiving a demonstration from one of the guides.

If this is the case, your class members will learn all about what the park has to offer, including popular plant and animal varieties that are growing or living on the grounds. If you and your pupils are given a map or brochure of the park, you can use it to assist with navigating through various parts of the park.

Purchase Field Guides And Divide Your Class Into Groups

Prior to the field trip, purchase field guides that list trees, bushes, plants, animals, and fish that are native to the area. Hand the field guides out during one of your science classes. Read through the guides with your pupils and elaborate about some of the items that you and they may discover while at the park.

If the guide contains pictures of plants and animals, the children can use the photos during the field trip to help them while identifying plant and animal varieties at the park. On the day of the field trip, separate your clas into groups and instruct the children to walk around the perimeter of the park while observing their surroundings.

Ask the pupils to list various tree, plants, birds, or small animals that they see and report to you when they have finished so that they can share their observations with you. 

Follow Nature Trails

If there are nature trails at the park, gather your students together and tell them that you are going to lead them down each trail and that you would like everyone to walk slowly as they embark through the woods so that they have plenty of time to walk around and take in the natural beauty that surrounds them.

During the hike, stop often to point out various plants or trees that are nearby and to describe the characteristics of each one. If you see wildlife in the park, instruct your pupils to remain quiet so that you and they can watch a bird or rodent as it moves around its habitat.

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