How To Create A Successful Deer Feeding Field

Feeding deer throughout the off-season for hunting allows you to see how the deer population thrives in your favorite sporting areas. You can feed deer in a field to keep track of populations and manage the health and growth of the deer — and other wildlife — in your feeding site.

In order to have a successful deer feeding field, you need to have the right supplies. Here are tools you need to make your feeding field more successful and to attract as many deer as possible to the site.

Automatic Feeder

An automatic deer feeder is a feeder that distributes an even amount of meal for wildlife to eat. Deer are herbivorous and eat a variety of grains, fruits, berries, seeds, grasses, leaves, and other plant matter.

During the off-season when hunting is not allowed, and into some parts of the early hunting season if allowed by your state, you can feed deer to keep them coming to a regular area. To keep deer coming back year after year, you should invest in an automatic deer feeder. An auto feeder will continue to fill a feeding trough for deer that you only have to refill with fresh food every once in a while.

When installing an automatic feeder for your deer feeding field, make sure you choose a feeder that is large enough to serve the deer you expect to see in population throughout the year. You may need to buy more than one feeder to feed the numerous deer that will come to the field.

Check the Feeder

It's important that you always check the feeding area to make sure that the grains and other foods that are in the feeder are clean, fresh, and in great supply. Check the field to make sure feeders are not knocked over, and that deer can easily get to them. Since deer can be curious but still aloof, keep feeders out of sight from other wildlife, such as raccoons, squirrels, and other animals.

As the deer population grows in your feeding field, you'll know that you are doing all the right things to keep your area enriched. If any problems arise with your feeding supplies or the field you use, go to your sports and recreation store to replace or restore your equipment. With the right equipment, you can keep deer interested in your field all year long.

For more information on finding an automatic deer feeder for sale, contact your local retailer. 

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