3 Things To Consider If Your Toddler Wants To Start Dance Classes

Many young children will express an interest in dance. They may have friends or family members involved in different types of dance or they may watch television shows and movies that center around dance. If your child has an interest, it is important for them to try it out, especially since dance has many developmental, educational, physical, and emotional benefits. Of course, proper understanding of what you and your child are getting into is smart before enrolling them into dance classes. Here are a few things to consider if your child wants to start dance.

It's an Investment

One of the first things you need to know is that this hobby will be an investment. Not only will you and your child need to invest time and effort, but you will also need to invest money.

Attendance is imperative, so you need to make sure your child does not miss any classes, especially classes that are before an upcoming recital or performance. If your child or other family members have hobbies, tasks, or sports that affect their ability to attend their dance classes, dance may not be the right option for your family.

You will also need to invest money into your child's desire to dance. The price of class alone will be something to budget for, but other expenses are also necessary. Clothing and attire for basic classes and practices will need to be purchased. You will most likely also need to purchase costumes for each of your child's recitals.

Before enrolling your child into any type of dance class, make sure you, your child, and the rest of your family are ready and willing to handle this commitment in time and money.

Best Age to Start

Some parents believe their child can start learning dance as soon as they are able to stand and walk. This is not necessarily a smart way to think.

While your child will need to stand and walk, they will also need to be able to balance themselves and be somewhat coordinated. Your child will also need to follow basic instructions, so your child's age and specific development will also be a factor to consider.

Many studios offer classes specifically for younger children. For example, toddler-aged classes may be available for children who are as young as two.

Never assume your local studio offers classes for your younger child. Call ahead to ask before scheduling a tour of the dance studio so you and your child can see the space and meet the instructor. Your child may even be able to sit in and join a class to see if they will be a good fit for dance.

Dance Type

Another factor you need to consider is what type of dance would be best for your child and their specific age. From ballet and jazz to hip-hop and tap, the various types of dance classes available will make choosing one for your child overwhelming.

Ballet is a great place for young children to start once they decide they want to take dance classes. Although structured, ballet classes teach the basic fundamentals of dance, which will be beneficial if they choose to learn other types of dance in the future.

If you believe your child is capable of learning complex movements and rhythms, consider tap dance classes. Tap dance requires a good amount of energy, since the movements can be quite fast, but many children find tap dancing fun and exciting.

If your child has an interest in both dance and acrobatics, enroll them in an acro class. Acro fuses basic dance movements with more challenging acrobatics, teaching your child rhythm, balance, and flexibility.

Dance classes offer many benefits for you and your child. Before enrolling your child into dance, make sure to take the above factors into consideration. Contact a local dance studio for more information.

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