Three Of The Craziest (But Fun!) Gun Sales You Will Ever See Advertised

Guns for sale are found in gun shops. Yet, there are lots of other ways you can find guns for sale. In fact, this time of year, when hunters are out in full force, and the holidays are almost upon you, there are some very unique gun sale promotions. Some of them are the craziest, funniest sales you have ever seen, but they have sold guns for dealers in the past. Ergo, the following advertised gun sales continue at this same time every year. Go check them out if you spot the ads for them.

​Hunter's Prize Weekend

This particular gun sale seems to be wildly popular in the Midwest around deer hunting season. Hunters can buy a rifle and get a 1-carat diamond ring in the deal. So, you can have your new rifle to hunt, and you can propose to your girlfriend at the same time. Maybe the idea was to butter up the wives so that they do not mind being "hunter's widows" for the time that their spouses are out in the woods, or maybe guys and gals who hunt together get engaged in the woods. Whatever the motivation behind creating this funny promotion, it is wildly popular because a free diamond ring for buying a new rifle ends up selling a lot of guns!

Buying in Bulk

People who like guns like this sale. Gun dealers will sell however many guns come in a crate for a crazy low price. Gun dealers figure that they can cash in on the "bulk buying" marketing strategy, and consumers can get a lot of guns for significantly less than what it would cost them if they bought each of the guns in a crate separately. Not to be outdone, the gun dealers also offer bullets in bulk during the sale to make sure that your crate of guns will have enough fire power.

Police Auctions

If you are not worried about the local police knowing that you are buying guns, attend a police auction. These auctions are held once or twice a year to raise funds for the police stations and unload old equipment and confiscated items. You can bid on decommissioned guns, assault equipment, police cars, etc.. Just be aware that if you bid on and win the guns, you will have to wait three days for the police to clear your purchase and register the weapons in your name for you.

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