Tips For Hosting A Cannabis Dinner Party

As a cannabis user, one of the things that you may enjoy about this substance is how you can consume it in a variety of ways. While people often associated cannabis use with smoking, many people today favor consuming their cannabis in the edible form. If you're friends with some other cannabis enthusiasts, one idea that you might wish to consider is hosting a cannabis dinner party. Your local dispensary can provide a considerable number of the things that you need, including your favorite strains of cannabis, as well as different baked goods and other products in which you can find the substance. Here are some tips for organizing a dinner party that will go well.

Highlight The Different Applications 

One goal of your cannabis dinner party should be to demonstrate to your guests some of the many ways that you enjoy consuming cannabis in its edible form. Talk to an experienced sales representative at your local dispensary and browse the internet to find different ways of consuming edible cannabis. You can then highlight some of these different applications for your guests. Generally, this can mean that you want to offer the substance in a baked format — in brownies or cookies, for example — as well as in another format, such as in a salad.

Include A Demonstration

While there's nothing wrong with having the meal for your cannabis dinner party ready when your guests arrive, a fun and interactive element of the gathering can be to include a demonstration. You might want to empower your guests to learn how to cook with cannabis on their own, so leading them in a cooking demonstration can be effective. If you've decided to bake cannabis brownies, for example, have your ingredients laid out but wait to put them together until everyone is watching.

Don't Go Overboard

A little online research will quickly teach you that it's possible to use cannabis as an ingredient in a seemingly endless number of ways. This doesn't mean that you want to do so in one single dinner party, however. Having cannabis appetizers, salads, a main course, and a dessert may prove to be a little much for some of your guests — especially if someone who is attending the dinner is relatively new to using this product. It's a better idea to include cannabis in just a couple of ways, and then save your other ideas for future dinner parties.

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