Before Buying A Falcon, Consider These Details

Whether you've seen falconers on television or real life, the lure of falconry might be having an effect on you. You may already want to buy a falcon and feel confident you can care for and train it; however, ensure you're aware of these falconry details first.

Examining State Requirements

You may not yet realize how many stringent requirements exist for those who want to be falconers. Unlike other birds you may have bought for your home, you need a specific license in order to own and work with falcons specifically. In fact, you are likely to have to pass a test showing how much you know about these birds and how to treat and care for them. Many states also require that you'll apprentice with a licensed falconer for a period too.

Building a Mew

One requirement you're likely to encounter is the creation of a mew, or enclosure, for your new falcon. While basic requirements requiring size and materials will be given to you, you may want to be creative and generous with the accommodations for your falcon. Look for ways to heat the space and to make it as comfortable as possible. To meet requirements, you might have someone build the mew for you.

Getting the Right Accessories and Supplies

Accessories are necessary for both training and day to day care of your bird. You'll of course need more than one leather glove; the falcon will perch on your arm or fingers at any time and the glove is the best method of protection for your skin. However, you'll also need to explore the many other small accessories necessary for your falconry work. You'll need a creance, similar to a leash, to encourage the bird to stay near and bond with you during the "manning" process.

You should also locate several food suppliers; the right food is essential for a falcon's growth and if one supplier runs out of inventory, you should be able to find others quickly.

Planning Training Methods

If you plan on hunting ducks or other flying birds with your falcon, you may want to utilize balloon training where you tie food to balloons. You might want to enlist drones to assist training too. Put all these plans in place before you buy a falcon so that when you get the bird, you can begin training quickly.

Since you're eager to have a falcon and work with it, these details are important to process now. Work with breeders, current falconers and others to prepare yourself and guide you throughout your bird ownership. Contact a service, like Flint Hills Falcons LLC, to get started.

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