Five Great Gifts For The Female Gun Enthusiast

If you want to give a gift that she will love, consider something that relates to a hobby. If you are giving a gift to someone who enjoys firearms, there are some clever gift ideas that cost a lot less than a new gun. Cater to your recipient's interest in guns and weaponry with something out of the ordinary.

Five great gifts for the female gun enthusiast are:

1. Conceal Weapons Handbag

The safety and security of carrying a gun are made easier with a conceal purse, which has special compartments for the firearm and other accessories. These are found in a wide-range of colors as well as materials, including leather and suede, as well as synthetic options at low-cost price points. If you are unsure about style, choose an all-occasion, timeless hobo or tote-style purse for your gun enthusiast.

2. Novelty Targets

Targets are something that every gun enthusiast spends money on, whether they shoot at an indoor range or in the backyard. Spice things up with some unique, novelty targets depicting characters like zombies or gun-wielding clowns. These inexpensive targets are found online and can bring something different and fun to an ordinary target practice.

3. Ear Protection

Give a gift that will protect their ears and sense of hearing when practicing. There is some innovative earmuff type protection that can actually drown out the sound of your gun, but that still allow for conversation to filter through. Learn more about these high-tech products at your favorite gun range.

4. Gun Magnet

Another great gift to give is a gun magnet; these inventive fixtures allow you to secure a gun anywhere, under a desk for instance, using a magnet. These devices are designed to hold hefty firearms, usually being able to support around twenty-pounds, much more than a typical handgun weighs. These magnets can play a role in home security, which is a priceless gift to give.

5. Range Time

It always makes sense to give the gift of range-time for any gun enthusiast, male or female. Consider sharing a gift certificate to your favorite indoor gun range with your recipient. If your gift recipient doesn't own a firearm for target practice, think about springing for a gun rental to inspire them to visit a local indoor range.

Want to give something to a gun enthusiast? Consider these five ideas to please any lady who enjoys her firearms. Visit your favorite indoor range or retailer to learn more and to find other distinctive gifts for anyone who loves guns. 

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