Ideas For Choosing Scope Rings For A Historic Rifle

When you're looking to buy scope rings for a contemporary rifle that you own and use, there are many different ways to approach this task. Upon visiting a local gun store, you'll commonly see a variety of scope ring sets that will suit your firearm. The process changes a little when you're looking to add a scope to a historic rifle in your collection, however. Such weapons can sometimes offer little in the way of accuracy, so attaching a modern scope to the weapon can allow you to enjoy shooting it more. Here are some ideas for choosing scope rings for a historic rifle.


As you evaluate different sets of scope rings, you'll commonly notice how the design can vary from set to set. Some scope rings appear more contemporary, perhaps offering sharp edges and a sleek appearance. Others have more of a historical design, often using smoother curves and a simple, no-frills appearance. Take a look at some old photos of your type of rifle, if possible, and note how the scope appeared to be mounted to the body of the firearm. Generally, you'll want to choose a scope ring design that suits the age of the weapon. Such designs may not be as exciting as their modern counterparts, but you'll be able to have a weapon with scope rings that appear to be historically accurate.


Another detail to consider is the finish of your set of scope rings. Today, many different finishes are available, but not all of them will necessarily look appropriate when attached to a historic firearm. For example, you can often buy scope rings in modern finishes such as digital camouflage, but given that digital camo probably didn't exist at the time that your firearm was manufactured, this finish can be a poor fit. Look for something that is more historically accurate, such as flat black.


Take note of the profile differences when you evaluate sets of scope rings. While low-, medium-, and high-profile options are available today, you'll often find that modern scope rings have a higher profile than those in the past because today's scopes are typically larger than their older counterparts. Visually, it can look wrong for a historic firearm to have a large scope with high-profile scope rings. You may feel better about choosing low-profile scope rings to accommodate a small, historically accurate scope. A firearms expert at your local gun shop can help you in your search to find the perfect accessories to reflect the age of your rifle.

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