3 Key Tips for Buying Dueling Trees for Shooting Competitions

If you enjoy shooting guns and competition, then investing in a steel dueling tree is probably a great idea. It gives you the chance to compete with others by shooting at targets that swing to the opposing player's side. There are many of these tree devices available, but you can buy the perfect one using these tips. 

Get a Durable Construction 

Since you'll be actively shooting at this dueling tree, it needs to have a durable construction. Otherwise, after only a few competitions, the tree may suffer significant structural damage and then may no longer serve its purpose. To ensure this doesn't happen, look for dueling trees composed out of heavy-duty materials. 

Trees made out of steel, for example, will hold up for a long time and retain their structural integrity after numerous shooting competitions. Dueling trees with a powder-coat finish also will withstand the abuse you put it through. These finishes also prevent your tree from rusting, even when left outside in the elements.

Look for Something Portable 

You probably will be transporting this dueling tree around a lot, whether it's to open fields or to campsites. As such, you need a dueling tree that's extremely portable. This will make the tree easier to travel with, saving you time and energy.

Look for a dueling tree with a foldable design. When you're finished shooting, you can collapse the tree in and have a much easier time carrying it. You also might get a tree made from lightweight materials. You then won't have to exert as much energy when lifting and moving it. Just make sure the lightweight materials don't compromise the tree's durability. 

Assess Safety Features

Since you're shooting at a dueling tree, which is a stationary target, you need to make sure the device is completely safe to use. Only then will you feel at peace when firing live ammunition repeatedly at it.  

One of the most important things to look for in a dueling tree—in terms of safety—is a safe deflection design. When your bullets hit the dueling tree, they should be sent directly to the ground. If you miss the targets and instead hit the post, your bullets should be directed downrange. This way, you don't risk a bullet coming back your direction.

Dueling trees are incredible instruments to own if you have guns and enjoy shooting them with friends. As long as you look for the right properties and specs, the dueling tree you select should work out time and time again. 

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