3 Ways To Enhance Women's Professional Rodeo Viewing

Rodeo events are exciting to watch, in-person and on TV. As you dive deep into the world of rodeos, learn ways to enhance your viewing and enjoy the sport in whole new ways. Check out three different ways to enhance your viewing and find some fun activities to enjoy as you follow women's pro rodeo events on a daily basis.

1. Fantasy Rodeo Leagues

With a large selection of female rodeo riders, you can compete against friends and build up your own fantasy rodeo leagues. Similar to other fantasy leagues like football or baseball, a pro rodeo league would include a team of riders that gain points for victories and impressive rodeo performances.

Use women's pro rodeo news websites to find full rosters of riders and everyone on the pro tour. From there, you can schedule a draft and have teams pick from pro riders. You should limit teams to three riders and an alternate so everyone gets a fair amount of riders.

Once the teams are established, set a point system for each event. Riders should receive points based on time criteria. Award bonus points for whoever wins the event or other bonus categories. As you go through a couple of events, you will see how well the point system works and can adjust things to fit within your league.

2. Rodeo Time Pools

As an alternative to a fantasy league, you can run individual time pools for any professional women's rodeo event. A time pool contains entries for exact sections of time that a rider may last on a bull or horse. Players get to pick their own time slot or are randomly given one of the time slots. Winners are awarded for each ride at an event.

If you miss exact times while you watch an event, check out women's professional rodeo news to see all of the times and a breakdown of results for a specific event.

3. Rodeo Rookie Debuts

See the rise of new rodeo rookies when you follow careers and watch the various debuts. New rodeo stars are made all the time, and you can follow a career from the beginning when you seek out some of the rookie performers. Follow news headlines to see who some of the new riders are, and then track their career stats and rises. Some riders will fizzle out while others rise up and become stars within the world of rodeo.

The more invested you become in rodeo events, the more ways you can find excitement through various events and leagues. Watch women's rodeo on a news station like Rodeo Sports Nation.

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