Want To Purchase A Center Console Boat? 3 Feature Decisions To Make

If you want to purchase a center console boat, you will need to know what features you want for your boat. There are lots of different elements you can choose from when you purchase a center console boat.

Hull Design

The first thing you need to consider with a center console configuration is the hull design. The hull design can impact how your boat handles the water.

There is a deep-V hull design. This is great if you want to take the boat out on the ocean and you want to cut through the waves at high speeds. You can cut through the ocean waves at high speeds in a comfortable manner. 

Or you can go for a warped hull design. This means that the hull has a deep-V in the boat, but it also has a warped bottom with a flatter section. This design is basically a modification of the deep-V hull design and allows you to cut through the waves at high speeds and makes your boat smoother when you are at rest.

Or you can go with a coastal angler hull, which is made for cruising in shallower coastal waters. This is great if you don't want to go out deep where the big waves are.

Or you can go with a flat fishermen hull, which provides a very smooth ride no matter what the water is doing.

Fuel Capacity

When you are heading out into the ocean, you always want to have more than enough fuel to head out and back in. That is why the fuel capacity is so important when you are looking at a system. You can go with a one-fuel system or a two-fuel system boat. With a two-fuel system, you will enjoy two separate fuel tanks, which provide you with extra fuel to ensure you can get back home when you are out on the ocean.

The Console Design

Finally, you need to consider what type of console design you want for your boat. There is a lot of variation within the console design itself; you want to ensure you like how the console is designed and structured.

For example, with the instrument control panel, you may want one large navigation screen, or you may want to have two smaller screens for multi-functional usage. With the throttle and shift, you need to consider how high the sticks are located. The lower the sticks are located, generally the more ergonomic and comfortable it will be to use the throttle and shifter.

Pay attention to how the steering wheel is positioned. If the steering wheel is in the center, that means that two people can't be at the console at once. If the steering wheel is more to one side, such as the port side, there will be more space for controls, and two people can stand in the area more comfortably, while still allowing for steering function.

If you want to purchase a center console boat, you need to consider what design you want for the boat. You need to carefully choose the hull design based on the waters you want to navigate with the boat, determine enough fuel capacity for the length of journeys you want to take, and carefully consider what console design will be the most comfortable for you to use.

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