Six Important Decisions You'll Make When You Charter A Sailboat

Chartering a sailboat is a great way to enjoy travel and adventure during your vacation. Of course, careful planning is essential for a successful sailboat charter experience. You'll need to make a few important decisions to plan out your charter properly.

The following are six important decisions you'll make when you charter a sailboat. 

Setting your budget

The costs of chartering a sailboat can vary widely. One of the most important decisions you should make when you're getting ready to charter a sailboat is how much you want to spend.

Determining your budget can make it easier to choose your boat because you can focus on options within your budget. Determining your budget is also important when deciding on additional features such as food and beverage options. 

Having your charter crewed

When you charter a sailboat, you'll have the option of piloting the boat yourself or hiring a crew. Of course, a crewed sailboat charter will cost more than a chartered sailboat that you'll skipper yourself. If you have no experience with sailing, you're obviously going to need to have a crew on your charter.

Consider how extensive your experience is with boats and whether you want to have to deal with navigation tasks yourself or rely on a hired skipper. Hiring a skipper can free up your time during your sailboat charter so you can enjoy more relaxation during the experience. 

Purchasing sailboat charter insurance

There are a few different types of insurance that you might want to purchase for your sailboat charter. You might want to have skipper liability insurance to cover any damages resulting from an accident.

Another type of insurance you might want to have is travel expenses cancellation insurance. This type of insurance will prevent any losses if something comes up and your party is not able to charter a sailboat as planned. 

Choosing your vessel

You'll have a lot of vessel options to choose from when chartering a sailboat. You'll want to choose a sailboat that's large enough to accommodate your party. You also should think about any added features such as fishing tackle that you want your charter to include. 

Deciding where you'll sail to

You need to plan out your itinerary well in advance. Consider whether there are various islands or other destinations in the area that you'll want to explore.

Discuss any distance limitations with your sailboat charter company so that you know how far you'll have the freedom to travel away from your charter company's location. 

Scheduling your sailboat charter

Choosing the dates over which your charter will take place should involve careful consideration. You want to plan your charter for a time when the weather is likely to be conducive to a safe and comfortable voyage. 

For more information, contact a boat charter company, such as Atlantic Boat Charters.

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