How To Choose Ammo Types

When you buy a gun, it will use a certain size of ammo, but there are many different types of ammo beyond just different sizes. You have to pick the right ammo for what you're going to do with the gun. Here's what you need to know.

What Caliber Is Your Gun?

The caliber is the measurement of how big your bullet is. Each gun takes a specific caliber of bullet. Some calibers are measured in terms of inches and others use millimeters. It depends on where the gun was made.

When you have a gun, you need to make sure you know its exact caliber. For example, there are several common calibers for handguns, but you may not know which one your handgun uses or if it uses something different. If you don't, you won't be able to buy bullets.

Are You Looking to Save Money?

Ammo can be expensive. If you're just looking to practice the basics of shooting, you may be more concerned with saving money than getting a specific type of ammo.

More basic types of ammo are often less expensive than ammo that's made for a specific purpose. There also might be a sale on one type of ammo but not another.

Choosing a cheaper type of ammo doesn't hurt your gun. It just means the ammo might be less effective for specific purposes. If you just want to practice shooting for cheap, you can safely buy the cheapest ammo.

Are You Going Hunting?

If you're going hunting, you need to think about what you're hunting. Larger animals require ammo with more power to make sure you can stop them. Smaller animals need more precise ammo that doesn't do so much damage that you can't eat them or display their fur.

Ask local hunters what type of ammo they use for specific animals in specific situations.

Are You Buying a Gun for Self-Defense?

If you're buying a gun for self-defense, you have a couple of important considerations. First, you want to make sure your gun can stop an attacker. Second, you want to reduce the risk of hitting someone else if a bullet passes through a wall by choosing a bullet that will stop if it hits a wall.

In some places, certain types of ammo may even be illegal for self-defense. Be sure to carefully research any restrictions in your area.

To learn more about choosing ammo, contact a local firearms dealer today.

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