Fishing Tips Beyond Beginner's Luck For Your First Time

While fishing requires a little luck, you can't merely rely on beginner's luck to help you catch something the first time you drop a line. Instead, use the following fishing tips to increase your chances of reeling in a perch, bass, or something larger.

Match the Lure to the Water

Lures come in all sorts of colors, with some that are shiny and others that are dull. If you aren't catching anything for a little while, changing the lure that you're using is a tactic that every angler will try. You don't just have to take a random guess when choosing your first lure for the day, though.

Start fishing with whatever lure best matches the color of the water that you're fishing in. Select a mostly brown lure if you're in brackish or muddy water, and choose a deep blue one if you're casting deep down into blue water. If you're fishing in clear water and can see sparkles, either from rocks or on the water's surface, a brightly colored lure will glint like those sparkles.

While this isn't a guarantee that fish will love the lure you initially select, matching it to the water ensures that the lure will look fairly natural when floating in the water. Fish are more apt to bite something that resembles their natural surroundings.

Watch for Continuous Motion

Many fishing techniques involve pulling a lure through the water. You may troll along in a boat, slowly reel in after casting, or bounce your fishing pole up and down. All of these techniques draw the lure through the water, causing it to move.

Watch your lure as you move it through the water, and look for a continuous motion. Speed up your technique a little if the lure moves and then sits while the line is slack. Slow down your motion if the lure is constantly moving in sharp and short jerks. A continuous motion will best resemble food flowing in the water.

Fish Morning and Evening

Many land animals are most active during dawn and dusk, and the same is true for many aquatic animals. Cast a line during the early morning or late evening, and you'll have a better chance of catching something simply because there are more fish feeding at these times. 

As you plan when to fish, make sure you leave time to get to the fishing spot before your actual desired time.

For additional tips, contact a fishing service in your area.

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