2 Reasons Your ADHD Child Should Learn Martial Arts

Kids with ADHD have issues with coordination, impulsivity, and overactivity. Your child may have problems at school because of their ADHD, and when they are at home, they may just be running and on the go all the time. That can be really exhausting for you and your child. You probably want to find things your child can do to help them with their ADHD, but you might not have ever thought about sending them to martial arts classes. But when you look at the benefits, you will see that your child will get many benefits from learning kids martial arts

Body Sense

One of the benefits that your child is going to get from going to martial arts is developing a real body sense. Martial arts can help your child know where in space their body is and how to move it better. Part of that is because your child will practice specific movements over and over to build muscle memory, which will carry over to the rest of their life. It won't necessarily make your child miraculously not clumsy, but it will help them be somewhat less clumsy.  


Another benefit is that martial arts can help your child learn to focus on something appropriately. While most people think that kids with ADHD lack focus, that isn't true. Kids with ADHD can do something called hyperfocus, which means that all their attention is on one thing, and only that one thing. This is how the kid who can't sit still and focus on math for five minutes can sit and play video games for hours on end. Martial arts can help your child learn to focus on something without hyperfocusing or getting distracted by other people's actions. As your child learns to focus on their teacher and what they are learning in class, they can take that out into the rest of their life. It won't eliminate things like hyperfocus but it will help your child learn how to moderate their focus. 

If you have a child with ADHD, you want to do everything you can to help them be successful in life. Taking them to martial arts can help them. The class can help your child use up all their extra energy, give them something to look forward to, and as they progress in the sport, it will give your child something that they can be very proud of. 

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